Tips on how to get your refund the fastest

When you see a charge on your credit card and you want a refund, you want the money as fast as you can get it. You do not want to wait. You might be angry at a merchant for charging you, or you might be embarrassed that you spent the money and not want to admit that to the merchant that charged you.

But no matter what, the quickest way to get a refund and to cancel is when you call a company directly. At we are always quick to help people who contact us directly. There is usually a toll free number right next to the card on your credit card. Or you can find a company’s website, like, or even their facebook page, and contact them through that. There are many ways you can reach a company thanks to the internet when you want to cancel.

People sometimes think they will get a refund or cancel your account faster by asking some third party to help them, like a bank or a credit card company. But that is rarely the case. These institutions will require verification that you did not make the charge, or will require that you tell them why you feel as if you are entitled to a refund. In the end the results will be the same as if you called the company directly: you will get your money back, but it might take longer. If you go directly to the company such as they will most often refund you that day.

So remember, calling a company directly is the fastest way to get a refund. This is what we suggest at They have the ability to give you a refund fastest because they are the ones who charged you. And if for some reason they will not give you the refund you are seeking or cancel your account, you can always go to a third party later.

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